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Daily Quotes

Hi people today I thought that I would just pick a few quotes at random from my collections, (opening the books and flipping pages to see where we end up)

First off the rack is a quote I have in a file on my computer.  In a way it deals with our ability to cope with any and all situations that we may find ourselves in as we go through life.  It starts like this –

“The size of your problems is nothing compared with your ability to solve them.  Don’t overestimate your problems, and don’t underestimate yourself.”

To me this quote is saying that instead of just jumping into trying solve our problems or challenges in life, no matter what they are or how big they seem to be.  It is better to take time to look at the challenge or problem from all angles and bring what resources we can to bear on resolving them. Often a problem can be broken down into smaller parts and that way it doesn’t seem as big or as insurmountable as it first appeared.

Next from the same source comes a quote from Walt Disney, artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur and businessman.

“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.”

Walt Disney

This should be self explanatory, if you have done all that you feel that you can for a particular task, then worrying about it won’t change anything.

From another collection this one stood out to me as I was flipping pages.

“In any fight it is not only what you can do, it is where and how you do it.  An enemy has many fronts, and if one seems impregnable, attack on another.”

In reading this quote many of us would think that it only applies to the tactics that you would use in a battle or fight situation.  But my thinking is that it can also apply it to any difficult situation that we may find ourselves in. In fact it reminds me of another quote.

“When on door closes another opens, but we often stare so long at the one that has closed that we don’t see the one that has opened.”

Well that is all from me today so I bid you Adieu.  Have a great day, until next time.


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Quote of the Day

Once again it is time for a quote from me. What shall it be and who shall I quote from?

Ok I have found a couple whichI think go together.  First one is from John Wooden ( born in Hall, Indianna 14 Oct 1910, died – 4 Jun 2010 at the UCLA medical centre, California).


“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!”

John Wooden

Next is a quote from a lady by the name of Kay Lyons. (a libarian and a book editor, also wrote childrens books)

“Yesterday is a cancelled cheque: Tomorrow is a promisory note; Today is the only cash you have – so spend it wisely.”

Kay Lyons

Both of these quotes seem to be saying similar things to me. In john Wooden’s quote we have the message of not worrying about what we cannot do, focus on what you can do. Kay’s quote is similar in that we need to focus on what we can do today, not what we did yesterday or tomorrow.

So that is all from me today so until tomorrow. Have a great day.

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Photo Quotes 2

I just thought I would share a few of the photo quotes that I have collected so far.



This is so true, we have all seen children imitate the things they see their elders/parents do. Usually they pick up our bad habits both vocal or actions first.  So when we are around children we should be very careful in what we say or do.  When I was just newly married to my first wife and we had our oldest boy my Father used to say that raising children was like training your pets, never let them do once what you don’t want them doing twice.



winning in marriage



Haveing been through one divorce I know the value of this advice.

Resolving differences and challenges as they appear with a joint desire to solve a problem or challenge in a mutual and benificial manner is the best way to build your marriage.  Marriage is a joint operation, it is never a solo affair.


On the same theme.


Marriage - perfection


 Something we all need to keep in mind when we feel overwhelmed by events or situations in our lives

Napoleon Bonaparte


I guess we all feel like this at times.


all alone


One of my favorite themes.  And these 2 quotes say it al




Worry quote

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