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Quotes of the Day

I thought I would continue with quotes relating to relationships.  Since the last post had a quote dealing with Ten Commandments for Husbands.  I also have a similar ten commandments for human relations.

Ten Commandments for Human Relations

  1. Speak to people, there is nothing so nice as a cheerful greeting.

2. Call people by name; the sweetest music to anyone’s ears is the sound of their own name.

3.  Have humility, there is something to be learned from every individual.

4.  Be friendly, if you would have a friend, be one.

5.  Be cordial, speak and act as though everything you did is a pleasure.

6.  Be sincerly interested in others, you can like almost everybody if you try.

7.  Be generous with praise, cautious with critism.

8.  Give your word, then keep it.

9.  Be considerate of the feelings of others.

10.  Be alert to give service, what counts most in life is what we can do for others.

Now none of these are hard to do, but doing them on a regular basis or making them a habit can make our own lives and the lives of those we meet or come in contact with a whole lot easier and simpler.

Just a few short quotes that echo the above commandments.  The first is from King GeorgeVI of England.

“The highest of distinctions is service to others.”

King George VI

Also from an english playright, William Shakespeare;

“Condem the fault and not the actor of it.”

William Shakespeare

Well that is all from me today.  So in bidding you Adiu I hope that you find value in what I have shared with you here. Till next time.


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Quotes of The Day

I have been trying to think of what quotes I could share with you for most of the week.  Then I started to think of relationships, in particular the relationship between Husbands and wives.  And i remembered that i had a couple of items which, while not strictly quotes as such, they serve to illustrate the points that I feel to make.

The first is for the wives by a leading marriage counsellor by the name of Meg Whitcombe,

“Leading marriage counsellor Meg Whithcomb has labelled the nine fatal sentences no wife should utter if she wants to preserve her marriage.”

  •  Your just like your Father
  •  Why don’t you earn as much as . . . . .
  •  You spend more time with your mates than with me
  •  You watch too much TV
  •  You’ve changed since you were younger
  •  I’ll get a divorce. (Meg comments: “Husband might take you up on it.”)
  •  I’ll only sleep with you if . . . . .  (never use sex as a weapon)
  •  Not tonight, I have a headache. (Be honest when you don’t want to make love.)
  •  Your no good in bed.

 “Just like the Ten Commandments they are not earth shattering but the contain a lot of good sense.”


                                                                                    Meg Whithcomb

Speaking of the ten commandments I have a little quote that talks of the ten things that husbands need to do to look after their wives and families.  So I hope they help and give you all something to think about.

Ten Commandments for Husbands


  1. Remember that thy wife is thy partner, not thy property


  1. Do not expect thy wife to be wife and wage earner at the same time.


  1. Think not that thy business is not thy wife’s business.


  1. Thou shalt hold thy wife’s love by the same means that thou won it


  1. Thou shalt make the building of thy home thy first business.


  1. Thou shalt co-operate with thy wife in establishing family discipline.


  1. Thou shalt enter into thy home with cheerfulness


  1. Thou shalt not let anyone criticise thy wife to thy face and get away with it. Neither thy father, nor thy mother, nor thy brethren, nor thy sisters.


  1. Thou shalt not take thy wife for granted.


  1. Remember thy home and keep it holy.



While there are no hard or difficult things that we each can do to maintain our relationships.  It is the remembering that can be difficult at times.  Also doing the thing on a regular basis, not just occassionaly.

Well thats enough from me for now.  I bid you Adiu until next time.


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