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Daily Quotes

Once again I thought I would just have a look around my quote collections and see where it would take me.  First off the page is a quote which strikes a chord with me is one that deals with how we behave or our behaviour.


“We are not just our behaviour, we are the person managing our behaviour.”

One of the things that has always bugged me is that people do something that will be considered wrong or is wrong.  And then make the excuse that they can’t help it or find some other excuse as to why they did it or said it. They do not take ownership for their behaviour or response.  And this at times irks me something terrible.

Next off the rank is another quote which is similar to the previous quote but approachs the topic from a different direction.

“The difference between a child and adult is not years, rather it’s a willingness to accept resposibility, to be responsible for it’s own actions.”

Now to take a completely different tack.  Our next quote comes from a gentleman by the name of William Ralph Inge, an Anglican priest and prolific author.

“In nature their are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.”

William Ralph Inge

Well thats all from me for now.  I will bid Adieu for now, so have fun until next time.


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