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Daily Quote

I was thinking on the poems that I had posted relating to Christmas and i started going through my collection, and I found another poem relating to Christmas.  I have had it for awhile, but I don’t know who originally wrote it.  If anyone does know please let me know.

It is called . . . . .


The Christmas Spirit

I am the Christmas Spirit

I enter the homes of poverty, causing pale – faced children to open their eyes in pleased wonder.

I cause the Miser’s clutched hand to relax and thus paint a  bright spot on his soul.

I cause the aged to renew their youth and to laugh in the glad old way.

I keep the romance alive in the heart of childhood and brighten sleep with dreams woven of magic.

I cause eager feet to climb dark stairways with filled baskets, leaving behind them amazed at the goodness of the world.

I cause the prodigal to pause a moment on his wild, wasteful way, and send to anxious love some little token that releases glad tears – tears that wash away the hard lines of sorrow.

I enter the dark prison cells, reminding scarred manhood of what might have been, pointing forward to good days yet to come.

I come softly into the still, white home of pain; and lips that are too weak to speak just tremble in silent, eloquent gratitude.

In a thousand ways I cause the weary world to look up into the face of God, and for a little moment forget the things that are small and wretched.

I am the Christmas Spirit

It is such a beautiful poem, and captures so beautifully the true spirit of christmas.  So I hope you like it.  And if you can help me identify the author of it I would be gratefull. So once again I bid you Adieu till next time.


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Quotes of the Day

I thought I would continue with quotes relating to relationships.  Since the last post had a quote dealing with Ten Commandments for Husbands.  I also have a similar ten commandments for human relations.

Ten Commandments for Human Relations

  1. Speak to people, there is nothing so nice as a cheerful greeting.

2. Call people by name; the sweetest music to anyone’s ears is the sound of their own name.

3.  Have humility, there is something to be learned from every individual.

4.  Be friendly, if you would have a friend, be one.

5.  Be cordial, speak and act as though everything you did is a pleasure.

6.  Be sincerly interested in others, you can like almost everybody if you try.

7.  Be generous with praise, cautious with critism.

8.  Give your word, then keep it.

9.  Be considerate of the feelings of others.

10.  Be alert to give service, what counts most in life is what we can do for others.

Now none of these are hard to do, but doing them on a regular basis or making them a habit can make our own lives and the lives of those we meet or come in contact with a whole lot easier and simpler.

Just a few short quotes that echo the above commandments.  The first is from King GeorgeVI of England.

“The highest of distinctions is service to others.”

King George VI

Also from an english playright, William Shakespeare;

“Condem the fault and not the actor of it.”

William Shakespeare

Well that is all from me today.  So in bidding you Adiu I hope that you find value in what I have shared with you here. Till next time.

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