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Daily Quotes

I’ve had to do some reorganizing in one of my Quote books and there were some quotes that I thought that I would share with you today.


“Life’s journey is not traveled on a freeway devoid of obstacles, pitfalls, and snares. Rather it is a pathway marked by forks and turnings. Decisions are constantly before us. To make them wisely, courage is needed; the courage to say no; the courage to say yes.  Decisions do determine destiny.”

Thomas S Monson

As most of us know; our daily life is not always straight forward, nor is it a bed of roses, or maybe it is, since roses do have thorns, (most types do).  So we often have to make decisions based on the information we have to hand at the time.  Not all of them will be the right decision, but we can always reassess that decision when we have further information.

To follow another line of thought I came across two quotes from one of my favorite comedians, Robin Williams, taken from his character in the movie, “Dead Poets Society,”

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams

This is so true.  History shows what idea’s and words can do.  All the tools, inventions, Technology etc, come because of an idea that some one has had. e.g. Thomas Edison – The electric light bulb.  The same is true of words, one of the greatest playwrights of the western world; William Shakespeare, is great example of the power of words in our modern age.  Words have the power to uplift us or bring us down, words do carry weight let no one try to convince you otherwise.

Also this quote, again from “Dead Poets Society,” but this time talking about the pupose of education.

“I thought the purpose of education was to learn to think for yourself.”


– Dead Poets Society                                                                           Robin Williams

Well thats all from me for now, Adieu till the next time.


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Quote of The Day

I have been trying to think of a quote or two that i could share with you all. but while I have had several thoughts on the matter I couldn’t decide on any specific type of quote.  So I decided to share a few quotes that have come to mean a lot to me.


“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

I came across this quote in my 20’s and has always mean’t a lot to me.  Having a an interest in teaching this has served as a guide when I do teach others.  I try to show them that I am interested in them as people, not just students or persons to pound a few idea’s into their heads.

“When one door closes another opens, but we often stare so long at the one that has closed that we don’t see the one that has opened.”

As a researcher this quote reminds me to remember to look at other sources when I come up against a dead end or as the quote goes a closed door. And I find that it reminds me to keep looking when I start to feel discouraged.

Thats all from me for now. See you next time.


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Quote of The Day

Our first quote of the day comes from Bruce Lee


How we cope with daily life often depends on our attitude towards the things or events that we encounter in our daily life.  Which reminds me of another but similar quote; this time from Henry Adams

“All experience is an arch to build upon.”

Henry Adams

Being positive about life should be the best way to approach life, though sometimes it is very hard to be positive about the circumstances we might find ourselves in. So I will finnish for now by encouraging each and everyone to endevour to be positive in what ever circumstances they find themselves in.

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