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Quote Of The Day

Enthusiasm is such a powerful force in our lives. and the good thing about it is we can share it with others. For example the following quote.

“If you don’t enthusiastically present your argument, don’t expect to keep the good result you probably won’t achieve.”

So if we present our discusion topic with enthusiasm, that can transfer to those we present to, and can help us get our point across.

“Enthusiasm is the contagious persuader.”

So how many of you can remember coming into contact with a person who was so enthusiastic about what they wanted to do or what they had to tell you about, that you found yourself being persuaded to either do what they wanted you to do or found yourself believing in what they were saying to you.  Even though a part of you was either reluctant to participate in what they wanted you to do.  Or the thing they wanted you to believe in.

I said earlier that enthusiasm can be a very powerful emotion.  And can often be a driving force in our lives.  And as the following quote shows, it can feel like our –

“Enthusiasm is knowledge on fire.”

Now where does this leave us, I wonder? Oh I know!, its time to say goodbye untill next time. So until then, Adieu!

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Quotes of The Day

I just love enthusiasm, it can add luster to and lift your day. Make time seem to fly, and just  make your day great.

A number of years ago, an associate of mine helped me to understand the power of being positive and enthusiastic about life, regardless of people or weather or whatever the situation he was in.  He  always maintained an enthusiastic approach to what ever situation he was in.  But he explained to me as I got to know him better, that he was not always the positive, enthusiastic person I had come to know.  He had just learned the value of an enthusiastic and positive approach to life.

So if you . . .


“Mix enthusiasm with your work, and it will not seem hard or monotonous.”

Again . . .

“Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put into action the task at hand.”

There is more I would like to share on this subject but I will leave these few quotes with you now, until my next post, Adieu my friends.

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Quote of The Day

In looking through my quote collection I have found that I have a large number of quotes dealing with enthusiasm.  So I would like to share a few of them with you today.  It is possible that the ones I share with you I may have already done so in previous posts, so I ask your tolerance if I have posted these before in previous posts.

Unfortunately I have not recorded the source of these two quotes, but all I can tell you is that they both define what Enthusiasm is. Firstly –


“Enthusiasm is an emotion.”

Secondly –

Enthusiasm is not merely a figure of speech, it is a vital force that you can harness and use with profit.”

Well that is it for now I will share more quotes on enthusiasm over the next few posts.  So have an enthusiastic day people, until next time.

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