Quote Of The Day

Enthusiasm is such a powerful force in our lives. and the good thing about it is we can share it with others. For example the following quote.

“If you don’t enthusiastically present your argument, don’t expect to keep the good result you probably won’t achieve.”

So if we present our discusion topic with enthusiasm, that can transfer to those we present to, and can help us get our point across.

“Enthusiasm is the contagious persuader.”

So how many of you can remember coming into contact with a person who was so enthusiastic about what they wanted to do or what they had to tell you about, that you found yourself being persuaded to either do what they wanted you to do or found yourself believing in what they were saying to you.  Even though a part of you was either reluctant to participate in what they wanted you to do.  Or the thing they wanted you to believe in.

I said earlier that enthusiasm can be a very powerful emotion.  And can often be a driving force in our lives.  And as the following quote shows, it can feel like our –

“Enthusiasm is knowledge on fire.”

Now where does this leave us, I wonder? Oh I know!, its time to say goodbye untill next time. So until then, Adieu!

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