Thoughtful But Humorous

I was thinking the other day about what I could post here and I remembered that I have a number of quotes that I think are both humorous but thoughtful at the same time. Some are among my favorites and I have posted them before.  May they bring a smile to your face, and give you food for thought at the same time.

Most of them are self- explanatory, but I will share my thoughts on them as well. so lets get started & here’s the first.


If you feel to brag or boast about your accomplishments, give consideration to this thought and how people may view what you are saying.



“Don’t brag, it isn’t the whistle that pulls the train.”



Now I am sure we have all heard this sort of saying or something like it before.  But not with this postscript before I bet.



“The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but it is just as hard to cut.”



In our modern times we often hear of products or man  made items being recalled by their makers for one reason or another. this next quote puts another spin on that particular habit.



“Drive carefully!

Remember it’s not only a car that can be recalled by its maker!”


A quote referring to the school of life.


“Experience is a good school, but the fees are high.”


Who remembers those times when we have attended a wedding and have seen the bride blush and perhaps acted in a shy manner as the minister or celebrant gives the groom the go-ahead to kiss the bride. Perhaps this is the reason for that behavior.


“It’s a myth that brides blush.  Actually their faces are just flushed with victory!”


Now one of my favorites. And this one refers to work, if we want to be recognized for having done or accomplished something, then we need to actually do something worthy of that recognition. Hence  the following –


“Even a mosquito has to dig in before getting a pat on the back.”


Give it some thought, it will come to you. Now something to make you smile and give pause to your thoughts as well.



“Awkward age – the period lasting from birth until death.”



A couple of thoughts relating to drinking, driving & police. Given by a fellow I only know as WGP.



“Having, ‘One for the road’, could mean having a police car for a chaser.”




Followed by;


“Drive carelessly and your motor car will only last your lifetime.”




Lastly another favorite and one that i am always saying to my wife.



“Worry is like a rocking chair, does a lot of work, but gets you nowhere.”



So i hope that I have brightened up your day a bit and given you a bit of food for thought.  Have fun people, until next time.

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