For today’s theme I thought that we could have a look at learning and how valuable learning is for us.

First off there are times when the best teacher is that of experience, but experience is not always the best teacher. Somethings are better learned from other sources. Hence the following quote;

“Any fool can learn by experience, it takes a wise man to learn from others.”

Another side of learning is the art of asking questions.  Sometimes in order to fully understand something we need to ask questions that will help us to understand and learn the subject matter better. Understanding is also a part of learning.


“He who questions much will learn much.”

 Another part of learning is using what you learn.  It doesn’t makes sense to learn something just for the sake of learning.  Though there are those that do so; for various reasons.  The only way to retain the knowledge you may learn is to use it.

“Whatever you learn you must make the decision to use it or it is of no use.”

Then that brings us to the value of and purpose of learning; hence the following quote.

“A man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, can never go back to it’s original dimensions.”

So the purpose of learning can be seen as a way widen our viewpoint of life & society. It enables us to increase our knowledge and understanding of the topic we may been learning about.  Now that learning may come by way of experiences; attending a school of some sort or by undertaking a course of study; through books, films, talking with experienced people etc.

The purpose and value of learning is opening up our minds to new horizons and developing new skills or increasing old ones.  But we need to remember to use what we have learned.

That’s it for today so until next time, have fun people.

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