Photo Quotes 2

I just thought I would share a few of the photo quotes that I have collected so far.



This is so true, we have all seen children imitate the things they see their elders/parents do. Usually they pick up our bad habits both vocal or actions first.  So when we are around children we should be very careful in what we say or do.  When I was just newly married to my first wife and we had our oldest boy my Father used to say that raising children was like training your pets, never let them do once what you don’t want them doing twice.



winning in marriage



Haveing been through one divorce I know the value of this advice.

Resolving differences and challenges as they appear with a joint desire to solve a problem or challenge in a mutual and benificial manner is the best way to build your marriage.  Marriage is a joint operation, it is never a solo affair.


On the same theme.


Marriage - perfection


 Something we all need to keep in mind when we feel overwhelmed by events or situations in our lives

Napoleon Bonaparte


I guess we all feel like this at times.


all alone


One of my favorite themes.  And these 2 quotes say it al




Worry quote

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